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San Diego Employer Defense Attorneys

Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

Protecting Employers From Legal Liability

Employers in California are governed and restricted by a dizzying number of employment laws, including employee benefits laws such as ERISA, overtime and minimum wage laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, whistleblower laws such as the False Claims Act, discrimination laws, sexual harassment laws, wrongful termination laws and more.

At , we have the knowledge and ability to help employers adopt effective employment policies and resolve any concerns that arise among employees. When an employment dispute ends up in court, we offer skilled employer defense representation.

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Seeking Prompt Resolution of Conflicts With Employees

The overwhelming majority of employment litigation results from employers not addressing employee issues in a timely and effective fashion. A properly handled employment dispute can generally be resolved without any need for litigation if it is addressed soon enough.

  • When employees have genuine complaints, good-faith efforts to address their concerns quickly, within the bounds of what the law requires, generally go a long way.
  • When employees have misunderstandings, there are effective ways to approach them respectfully and clarify the situations that may have led to those misunderstandings.

Our firm strongly believes that the effective defense of employers from employee legal actions starts with intensive efforts to resolve disputes before a complaint is filed.

Of course, we are also prepared to vigorously defend your interests in any litigation that occurs. We are experienced at defending employers against both individual and class action complaints by employees.

Consulting on Employment Policies and Practices

Another proactive step employers can take to defend themselves against conflicts with their employees is to consult with qualified employment lawyers about their policies and practices to verify compliance with all applicable laws.

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