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Construction Defects

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San Diego Real Estate Lawyers – Construction Defects

The area of construction defect law can be very complicated and sometimes results in a major source of disputes in real estate law in San Diego. The experienced real estate lawyers at have handled many construction defect lawsuits and have a library of resources at their disposal.

A construction defect is defined as any problem or damage caused by improper conduct or omission on the part of the builder or contractor. The legal definition of construction defect is complicated, but the reasonability standard is generally applied to any construction defect issue. represents homeowners who have hired builders or contractors that have failed to properly lay foundation, have built a roof that leaks or have generally failed to uphold professional standards.

If a problem is discovered with the construction of your home, recommends contacting an expert to take a close look at the problem. If the expert determines that substantial repairs are necessary to fix the problem, you need to contact at attorney immediately before you agree to these repairs. If your builder denies the fact that a construction defect exists, you should not attempt to work directly against your builder. Most construction companies employ defense attorneys whose jobs is to limit the exposure to liability on the part of their clients. You should contact your own construction defect attorney for a free case evaluation.

The construction defect attorneys at are seasoned litigators with over 23 years of experience prosecuting design and construction defect cases. Whether you need a referral to a construction defect expert or would like to talk to an attorney about your concerns, please call the office for an obligation-free consultation at 123-123-1234 or you may email us.

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