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Tax Liens

Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

Strategic Solutions To Resolve Tax Liens And Levies

The Internal Revenue Service has a variety of potent means to collect on an outstanding tax liability. Among its arsenal of tools are bank account seizures, levies and tax liens placed on property. A tax lien is a legal document filed with the California Secretary of State or the County Recorder’s Office that serves as a public notice that a taxpayer owes the government money. The lien can have a significant adverse impact on the taxpayer’s credit and will impact any attempt to sell the encumbered property.

Full-Service Tax Audit And Controversy Lawyers

, based in San Diego, California, is a full-service tax controversy law firm devoted to helping clients resolve problems with the IRS and California tax authorities. Whether a tax authority claims you owe individual or business taxes, our tax lawyers will diligently review your financial structure and effectively guide you through the nuances of tax law to obtain a practical solution to resolve your tax controversy.

Our experienced tax attorneys will fully advise you of your legal options. A due process hearing may be necessary to protect your rights. We will evaluate your finances to determine if an offer in compromise, an IRS installment agreement or other settlement is best suited to your individual circumstances. We have experience negotiating with the IRS to loosen the grips of a tax lien or levy to protect the rights of clients.

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If you are facing a tax levy, lien or other form of IRS collection effort, we urge you to call us for assistance in resolving your tax controversy. To arrange a confidential meeting with a trusted tax advocate, send us a message or call 123-123-1234.

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