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Payroll Taxes

Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

Protecting San Diego Businesses With Payroll Tax Problems

Many small and medium-sized businesses fall behind in paying payroll taxes. There are a wide range of reasons a company may fall behind. If a bookkeeper or outside accountant makes a mistake in company records or pays the taxes to the wrong jurisdiction, significant payroll tax liability can result. Disputes concerning the classification of workers as employees or independent contractors often complicate the tax withholding status of workers. A short-term cash shortfall may make it difficult to pay when the taxes are due. Once a business lags behind in its payments, it is frequently an uphill battle to catch up.

Helping Businesses Get Back On Track With Payroll Tax Obligations

When a company is behind in its payroll tax obligations, it is critical for the business to obtain legal representation to protect its interests. The Internal Revenue Service is vigorous in addressing payroll tax liabilities. The penalties for failing to pay the full amount of a payroll tax obligation are harsh. Company officers and others with authority to sign checks on behalf of the organization can be held personally liable for the tax liability. If you or your company has received a notice from the IRS that a trust fund recovery penalty is proposed, you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer with knowledge of the rules and procedures that govern payroll tax problems.

Any tax liability can cripple an ongoing company. The business and tax lawyers at in San Diego, California, understand the impact tax problems have on a business. We diligently represent individuals and businesses with payroll tax problems. Our top priority is to protect the best interests of our clients. We tenaciously negotiate with the IRS to obtain practical solutions to allow our business clients to continue as a viable and growing concern. Our trial-tested lawyers will pursue litigation when a tax controversy is unfounded.

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